Covid safety measures

The safety of our campers and our site teams is our highest priority. We are now open for booking, but with the following restrictions in place to comply with Government’s rules and guidelines.

  • Please note 2020 will be pre-booked guests only. No walk-up bookings can be taken.
  • Due to CO-Vid there will be marked out pitches’ approx. 8m by 10ms with a minimum spacing of 2 metres no go zone between pitches. ALL tents, cars and equipment must be contained within the pitch. Nothing is to infringe on the no-man’s land.
  • Protective masks must be worn in the toilet trailer by adults and young people 11 plus. Face washing, brushing of teeth, make up application, shaving and essentially any activity that would lengthen your time in the shared toilets is not allowed as it would increase both the risk and the queue. Please carry out as much personal care as possible on your pitch so queues and risks are minimised.
  • We have hired individual showers with hand basins and hot water & individual porta-loos so there are options of non-communal facilities if campers prefer or are unable to wear masks.
  • The two washing up points, being over 2 metres apart allow for social distancing and it’s construction is deliberately rustic with only partial shelter to allow maximum ventilation.
  • We will treat all communal areas & facilities (toilets, showers, washing up, bins, water taps) with a totally safe and non toxic antimicrobial cleaning agent every 3 weeks. This product  kills any bacteria or virus on contact and stays active, continuing to kill any virus that lands on the surface for up to four weeks. In addition to this these areas will be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a day to make sure that they are kept clean, as well as virus free.
  • We have also provided cleaning products within the communal toilets and the individual shower facilities so campers can clean the area themselves before and after use for peace of mind. We ask that people are respectful and do not steal or over-use these products though or our good intentions will not be possible.
  • Please ensure that all empty shampoo bottles, shower gel, soggy tissues etc. essentially any litter is removed and not left for the next campers or our cleaning staff to deal with. To be able to operate safely we are reliant on campers being respectful and cooperative.
  • Bookings must not consist of more than 2 different households at this time.
  • Overall to keep everyone safe we very much need you to help us. Stay socially distanced from anyone outside your bubble, wear a mask in the toilets and be in and out as quickly as possible. If you have children, please keep them close. Respect the facilities and keep them clean. Please be kind, patient and expect queues, with social distancing and extra cleaning they cannot be avoided.

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