What we're doing...

To help you feel confident about visiting, we’re really happy to share full details of the changes we've made to ensure that a visit is safe.  


To view the attractions that we're able to open at this time please click here

Of course these attractions are subject to sensible changes to make them safe, such as extra cleaning measures.


One of the most important things we’re doing is continuing to restrict the number of people we can accommodateto ensure that everyone who visits has a compfortable day out and to do this, everyone (including pass holders) has to book online in advance.


Please download our park app from the App Store or Google Play in advance of your visit if you can - it's totally free and it's going to make your day out even better!

There are lots of useful features including an interative map of the park with way-finding to help you get around and live messaging to make sure you make the most of your visit.


Starlight Restaurant will be open offering pizza, pasta, nachos and jacket potatoes as well as children's lunch boxes, pick 'n' mix snacks, a selection of sweet treats and a wide choice of drinks including freshly ground coffee.

Visitors will be able to place their order safely at the counter seperated by screens and food will be served to your table.

The kitchen will be subject to the normal stringent food hygience standards, with additional hand washing and cleaning procedures in place.

Tables for those wishing to bring picnics will be available outside and near to the shop - a cleaning station will be provided so that guests can clean their own table before use. 


It goes without saying that we continue to carry out extra cleaning in all areas, to ensure high standards are maintained.

We’ll be using our new Pure Ozone cleaning fluid which is 100% safe, 100% environmentally friendly, 99.999% effective in killing viruses and bacteria PLUS it’s made onsite using our own spring water (unbelievable we know but it’s true!).

We’ve also invested in cutting edge cleaning technology including a long lasting anti-microbial cleaning product called Zoono that keeps surfaces virus free for up to 30 days. Perfect for common touchpoints and high-risk areas, Zoono’s antimicrobial shield technology creates a germ-destroying protective layer, which is still 100% safe for people. The solution kills harmful bacteria and viruses on contact and at a microscopic level. Once on the surface, it will continue to kill microorganisms for up to 30 days, even whilst you continue to clean those surfaces with other standard cleaning products.

The idea is that you use this solution once in high risk and regularly touched areas at the start of the month and it provides continuous protection, safeguarding you against bacteria and viruses in between cleans.

This will be applied using an electrostatic sprayer and fogger to ensure every inch, of every high touch surface is covered!

For more info on our cutting edge cleaning technology see here


In line with government guidance, to ensure the safety of our staff and other customers,  guests are strongly advised to wear masks in all indoor areas, unless seated to eat or drink, in particular on our indoor rides, the Dodgems and Blast Quest.


We've added extra hand washing stations to the site, along with countless sanitiser dispensers!


If you’ve visited before you’ll know just how much space we have, so social distancing isn't an issue with restricted numbers! Please just follow the signs when you’re here.

We’ve invested in door latches that allow us to leave most of the doors throughout the inside of the site open for the whole day – but they’ll still close automatically in the case of a fire. This will mean less touch points and more air circulation. Windows and doors to the outside are also  left open wherever possible and we have installed large fans in our indoor play areas to bring plenty of clean fresh air into the buildings. .

CArds preferred - cash not accepted at some till points

Entry to the park must be booked and paid for online in advance at this time. We have reduced the number of tills that are able to accept cash and encourage you to use contactless payment wherever possible, particularly in our cafes, for hygiene purposes.  


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