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Updated 1st July

We’re delighted to announce that we’re currently preparing to open on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of July, with further opening dates to be announced soon!

We’ve been hard at work over the last few weeks making the changes needed to ensure we’ll be able to offer a truly safe day out. To help you feel confident about visiting, we’re really happy to share full details of these changes with you and we'll continue to update this page with any further measures over the coming weeks.

Clear Pre-visit Information

We'll provide clear information and advice to guests before they book and encourage them to check back here for updates before travelling to the park. Click here to find out what you need to know before your visit.


One of the most important things we’ll be doing is restricting the number of people we can accommodate to around 30% of our capacity and to do this, everyone (including pass holders) will have to book online in advance.  

It’s also possible that we’ll operate two sessions a day 10am-2pm and 2.30pm-6.30pm on peak days, with scheduled arrival times to reduce queuing at the entrance.

We will be asking people not to leave their cars until their scheduled arrival times and to leave space between cars when parking.

Online booking is due to go live w/c 29th June – so please bear with us until we get this live!


To view the attractions that we're able to safely open at this time please visit our Open this Summer page

Of course these attractions are subject to sensible changes to make them safe, such as leaving empty rows or seats on rides, to allow for social distancing and extra cleaning measures.

Unfortunately we aren't able to open some indoor attractions at this time, including all of our soft & adventure play areas - this is in line with government guidance and to ensure your safety.


We’re really excited to announce that we’ve partnered with to develop a new mobile app for the park – they’ve created apps for Paultons Park amongst others and we can’t wait to show you what they’ve done for us!

Please download it from the App Store or Google Play in advance of your visit if you can – we’re hoping it will be ready and available before the 11th of July!

We’ll be trialling remote ride queuing via the new app and rolling this out if you like it – but we need lots of people to download the app, have data available when they visit and use it, for the system to work!

The app will also (by the end of July!) feature a remote food ordering system which we believe will make the whole catering experience safe and convenient at this time.

Plus there will be lots of other useful features including a map of the park to help you get around, a heat map to show you busy areas and live messaging to make sure you make the most of your visit.


Visitors this summer will be among the first to enjoy our new Planet Play Café (downstairs, in the area previously known as Time Warp), which will be offering ‘takeaway’ style pizza, pasta and nachos, as well as children's lunch boxes, pick 'n' mix snacks, a selection of sweet treats and a wide choice of drinks including freshly ground coffee.

Visitors will be able to place their order safely either at the counter sperated by screens or (when launched) via our new mobile app, then monitor large screens or the app to watch for an announcement that their food is ready to collect. Cutlery and condiments will be placed onto your tray by our staff.

The kitchen will be subject to the normal stringent food hygience standards, with additional hand washing and cleaning procedures in place. Due to the set up of this kitchen staff will be able to social distance.

Tables will be available indoors and out and will be arranged to maintain social distance. Dedicated staff will make sure that the area is kept clean and sanitiser and disposable wipes will be available for guests to re clean tables if they wish.

Tables for those wishing to bring picnics will be available outside. The indoor tables have been moved from their normal positions in the corridors to give the maximum space possible for social distancing around the park, and to provide more seating outside.

Starlight Cafe will not be open at this time.


We’ve increased our toilet capacity and changed things up so that visitors can have access to 11 ‘family’ toilet rooms across the site, each room will have a changing table and three are also suitable for disabled guests. One ‘family’ (group that is not having to social distance) will be allowed access at a time. Some rooms will have more than one toilet in. There will be cleaning facilities and sanitisers within each for visitors’ use. A cleaner will also be on-site within park operating hours, cleaning each room in rotation.

We’ll be operating a one way system around the shop which means that the toilets by the sci-fi won’t be easily accessible on arrival, so we’ve also added some Portaloos outside the main entrance  to the park to help avoid any ‘accidents’!


It goes without saying that there will be extra cleaning throughout the day in all areas, with dedicated cleaners and area specific staff carrying out cleaning duties to ensure high standards are maintained.

We’ll be using our new Pure Ozone cleaning fluid which is 100% safe, 100% environmentally friendly, 99.99% effective in killing viruses and bacteria PLUS it’s made onsite using our own spring water (unbelievable we know but it’s true!).

We’ve also invested in cutting edge cleaning technology including a long lasting anti-microbial cleaning product called Zoono that keeps surfaces virus free for up to 30 days. Perfect for common touchpoints and high-risk areas, Zoono’s antimicrobial shield technology creates a germ-destroying protective layer, which is still 100% safe for people. The solution kills harmful bacteria and viruses on contact and at a microscopic level. Once on the surface, it will continue to kill microorganisms for up to 30 days, even whilst you continue to clean those surfaces with other standard cleaning products.

The idea is that you use this solution once in high risk and regularly touched areas at the start of the month and it provides continuous protection, safeguarding you against bacteria and viruses in between cleans.

This will be applied using an electrostatic sprayer and fogger to ensure every inch, of every high touch surface is covered!

For more info on our cutting edge cleaning technology see here


All guests aged 6yrs+ should bring a mask or suitable face covering with them when they visit - they will be mandatory for the Dodgems and Blast Quest. We don't anticipate requiring face coverings for our outdoor rides at this stage, but we'll be guided by government advice and industry best practice as we move forward.

Because our site is so large and we will be restricting numbers, we don't anticipate any issues with guests being able to maintain a safe distance whilst on park, but we encourage the use of face coverings, particularly in indoor areas.

Guests with medical conditions that prevent the wearing of facemasks will need to provide a medical exemption letter in order to ride the Dodgems and Blast Quest. This will need to be produced to a team member at the entrance to the park.

Any staff working on rides or in close contact with guests will be wearing masks and / or visors, unless working behind protective screens.


We're busy adding extra hand washing stations to the site along with countless sanitiser dispensers!


We will be operating a keep left system in many parts of the park, as well as one way systems in a couple of areas to avoid any congestion - but if you’ve visited before you’ll know just how much space we have, so we’re confident that social distancing won’t be an issue with restricted numbers! Please just follow the signs when you’re here.

We’ve invested in door latches that allow us to leave most of the doors throughout the inside of the site open for the whole day – but they’ll still close automatically in the case of a fire. This will mean less touch points and more air circulation. Windows and doors to the outside will also be left open wherever possible.


We’re restricting the number of visitors who can come to the park to keep queues manageable and the experience comfortable. We will, of course be setting up queueing systems and asking people to follow social distancing guidelines. Plus, we’ll be trialling remote ride queueing via our app as soon as it’s available – but we need lots of people to download the app, have data available and use it, for the system to work!


We will be asking guests to undertake a non invasive temperature check on arrival at the park - anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed to enter. Please do contact us if you have any concerns about this.


All outlets will only be accepting cashless payments at this time.


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