In recent years we have undertaken significant work to ensure that a visit to The Milky Way is an accessible, fun and safe experience for all of our guests, regardless of their particular needs. We are committed to continuing the work on making our attraction wheelchair friendly and inclusive, and would welcome your comments and feedback so that we can continue to further improve.

We genuinely strive to offer a day out that is welcoming and enjoyable for all, regardless of ability. This guide is designed to give you a realistic picture of the facilities and attractions at The Milky Way and their accessibility.  In general, the site itself is VERY wheelchair friendly, being all on one level and we also provide ample seating throughout the park, both inside and outside.

Our staff are genuuinely happy to help with any specific requests that would make your day more enjoyable - please just ask!

Hopefully the information below, together with the general guidelines and restrictions given on the site map available on arrival and signage throughout the site, will enable you to assess your own abilities and make an informed decision about which attractions you are able and would like to use but if we can do anything to help please do let us know. Large format site map and guideliness are available - please just ask our reception staff.

If this guide doesn't answer specific questions in advance of your visit, please do email us or give us a call on 01237 431255 - we would love to help!

Parking & Entrance

Dedicated disabled parking for 10 cars is available to disabled badge holders and is located to the left hand side of the main entrance, alongside the parking area for coaches. The path to the entrance is concrete or tarmac with a slight incline.


We are pleased to offer free entry for carers - 1 free carer per disabled guest. Documentary proof (i.e. blue/orange badge or similar) may be required.

Wheelchair Free Loan

We have one mobility scooter and a number of wheelchairs which are available free of charge to our  guests on a first come first served basis. You are welcome to contact us the day before your visit or on the morning of your visit and we would be happy to reserve one for you. Phone us on 01237 431255 or email us

Priority Ride Access

Priority ride access is available to anyone for whom queueing is an issue. Please ask our entrance staff who will be happy to help. Proof of disability may be required.


Toilets with disabled access are available and all guests will receive a site map on arrival which shows their location.


Dogs on leads are welcome throughout the park except in the bird of prey centre, bird of prey shows and indoor play areas. An exception is made in the indoor play area for customers with guide dogs. A water bowl is provided for dogs near the entrance.


We offer a wide range of freshly prepared hot and cold food. We offer a seperate gluten free menu and  would be delighted to provide you with detailed listings of food ingredients, advice on appropriate food choices for allergy purposes or any other assistance required - please just ask our friendly staff.

General Access & Attractions Info

The Milky Way is very easily accessed by wheelchairs and the vast majority of the flooring and access paths throughout the inside and outside of the site are relatively level tarmac or concrete. Walls, floors and doors etc. are painted in contrasting colours wherever possible. Doors throughout the majority of the site have low level handles or operate automatically. Please see the information below for more information on access to individual areas.

Sports Centre

Archery and laser target shooting fully accessible. One small step to enter the golf driving bays.

Bird of Prey Centre

Accessed via tarmac pathways with a moderate slope in places.

Outdoor Play Area

Moderate tarmac slope followed by grass to access.

Outdoor Arena

Moderate tarmac slope to access viewing area.

Little Stars & the Cosmic Cafe

Push button release for door which then needs to be pulled to access - this is for the security of our young guests. Fully accessible to seating and cafe area. The play frame itself has low level barriers which have to be stepped over to access and there are padded stairways to reach the upper levels.  A sensory room (designed for babies and young children) is available to older visitors with learning disabilities on request - please contact us to arrange. The restaurant is counter service, with food served to tables after ordering. Chairs and tables are movable.


Stairs are used to access the slides and upper levels.

Starlight Cafe

Slightly sloping concrete to access. The restaurant is counter service, with food served to tables after ordering. Chairs and tables are movable.

Ride Access & Safety

Ride restrictions and guidelines are clearly displayed at the entrance to the rides, it is the responsibility of every guest to read and adhere to these. Please click here to view the height restrictions for each ride. Access information is given below.

As well as taking note of the ride restrictions, we strongly suggest that you watch our rides in motion before deciding whether to ride. Please be aware that in certain situations, for example during power cuts or in extreme weather conditions, it may be necessary to evacuate guests from the rides and possibly even from their highest point.

To ride the Cosmic Typhoon, Big Apple, Clone Zone and Dodgems guests will need the ability to brace themselves in an upright position. All rides require guests to keep their arms and legs inside the ride carriages, and remain seated at all times.

Guests with disabilities who are unable to use the normal queue lines should make themselves known at the entrance to the park and will be given a priority access pass, which should be shown to our ride operators.


Ramp with one step to get on and the same to get off but this step can be removed to provide easier access for wheelchair users.


Fully accessible with wheelchair carriage and ramp.

Big Apple

Steps to get on and off. Guests in wheelchairs can access the ride but will need assitance to get up the steps, which we are happy to provide on request.

Cosmic Typhoon

Ramp to get on and steps at exit. Guests must be able to walk unaided up the access ramps in order to ride.

Clone Zone

Not suitable for wheelchair users. Uneven floor surfaces throughout with a number of obstacles and dim lighting.

Advice & Guidance

If you require any further advice on ride access and restrictions or facilities for guests with disabilities please contact us or ask when you arrive at the entrance.

Our staff are fully trained and always on hand to offer assistance where required - they can be easily identified as their clothing has staff written on the back!

BALPPA Statement on Public Safety for Disabled People

Members of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) welcome visits by disabled people and will do all that is possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay. However, certain rides and attractions in our parks can be physically demanding and vigorous. We therefore reserve the right to refuse admission to certain rides should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason. We have been advised by the Health and Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We hope that you understand and accept the decisions made in the interest of your safety.

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