We've been working hard to reduce our environmental impact and are committed to making a day out at The Milky Way an environmentally friendly experience!

Many of the improvements we've made have been as a result of an audit carried out by our specialist Environmental Consultants. We’re always looking at ways we can act more sustainably to minimise our impact on the environment, in everything we do. 

We are currently undertaking research into the best practices to further improve our environmental policies.

Below are some examples of the work that we have done thus far, to reduce our carbon footprint and to improve our natural environment.



Energy Consumption

Over the last 10 years we've taken a massive leap forward, installing solar panels and a biomass heating system. We estimate that approximately 75% of our energy usage is now totally renewable and carbon neutral. To find out more please click here.

Other steps we've taken to reduce our overall energy consumption

  • Insulated over 80% of the roofs
  • Replaced the wooden windows throughout the site with double glazed units
  • Changed to energy saving light bulbs throughout the site


Now that we are through the Covid pandemic, we are re-evaluating our reclycing throughout the site and undertaking a huge project, to implement a manageable way to recycle more of our waste. We started with buying a bailer, so we could process all our cardboard for recycling, we estimate that we currently recycle approximately ½ tonne of cardboard every month.

In addition we also recycle all glass from our cafes.

To cut down on paperwork in the office we now get many of our monthly bills by email and any paperwork to be disposed of is shredded and sent to the recycling centre.

We're working on increasing the proportion of deliveries, gifts, food and drinks that come in recyclable packaging.

Water Usage

All our water comes from a natural lake deep beneath The Milky Way land. We access this water using a bore hole, before treating it with UV light to ensure that it's safe to drink.

We have several places around the site to re-fill water bottles.

We use a natural reed bed system to treat all of our sewage and wastewater, returning it back to the environment clean and safe. In fact, as an added bonus, the ponds that we created for the reed bed system now provide another fantastic natural habitat for our wildlife.


Nature & Wildlife

In 2000, we planted approximately 1,000 indigenous trees (species that are naturally found in this area) and 500 conifers around The Milky Way. In 2005 we planted 3,500 more conifers in our maze. More recently we've worked with the South West Forestry Commission and have completed the planting of an additional 35,000 indigenous trees covering 50 acres of our land which surrounds The North Devon Wakepark!

A few years ago we created another pond with an island in the middle to attract wildlife. We now have fish in the pond (we didn't put them there, so their eggs must have been carried here by birds!) and plenty of wildlife inhabiting the island and surroundings. Our wildlife includes wild Canadian geese, a pair of nesting mallards, two pairs of nesting moorhens and a visiting heron.

In 2022, we planted a wild flower meadow in the centre of our Milky Way train track, we hope to attract even more wildlife, such as: voles, foxes and butterflies.

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