Fantasy Farm & Bouncing Balloon Room

There’s loads to entertain your toddler or baby in Fantasy Farm. 

Children love having the freedom to play to their hearts' content with our oversized balloons! Fuelled by fans, the colourful balloons bounce and float all round the room whilst the little ones giggle and race at them.This is simple fun at its best!

Stimulate their minds with oversized puzzles and interactive wall games. Tire them out crawling through the caterpillar tunnel or riding the mini tractors. There's even an indoor sand pit! Little ones can enjoy playing without the worry of the 'big kids' taking over in Fantasy Farm.

In fact, we have another play area designed specifically for little ones at The Milky Way  - Little Stars, which is open to 0-6 year olds. It really does set the standard in play for young children  Find out more about Little Stars here.


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