Time Warp Indoor Adventure Play


Time Warp is North Devon’s biggest indoor adventure play area with heart stopping slides, huge ball pools and a multi level assault course.

It's been designed and built for adults as well as children, so the whole family can enjoy the experience together! The brave (or slightly mad) will love The Black Hole, a free fall drop slide which offers 25 feet of pure adrenalin...heart in your mouth, again and again! For the slightly less brave there's also a steep bumpy slide into a ball pool and a wavy five lane astra slide.

Climb to the top (it's 3 storeys high!), whizz down one of the slides to the bottom, play hide and seek in the ball pool or race each other over and under obstacles - there are two enclosed high rope walks, soft rollers, tunnels and ladders. However you do it, you'll burn off some energy as you play and have a great time doing so!


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