Planet Play Adventure Play Area & Slides

Designed and built for adults as well as children, so the whole family can enjoy the experience together! The brave (or slightly mad) will love The Black Hole, a free fall drop slide which offers 25 feet of pure adrenalin...heart in your mouth, again and again! For the slightly less brave there's also a wavy five lane astra slide.

Race each other over and under obstacles - however you do it, you'll burn off some energy as you play and have a great time doing so!


We spray the entire building with a long lasting, antimicrobial cleaning product using an electrostatic sprayer (which means we can reach all the tricky spots!). This forms a layer on surfaces which cannot be wiped off after drying and lasts for up to 4 weeks. The antimicrobial agent makes it difficult for any bacteria and viruses to survive if they make contact with the surface. This product conforms to all the necessary government standards and requirements and is safe to touch.


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