Ziggy's Blast Quest

Welcome to Earth Base Zero … where you'll join Ziggy’s Blast Quest to save Planet Earth!

The Earth’s defence system has been destroyed by meteors and asteroids, which are now on a collision course with our planet! Brave volunteers are needed to join Ziggy’s Blast Quest here at The Milky Way, where they’ll receive training from the Blast Force team, before piloting Cyber Scooters on a mission to destroy the asteroids and meteors.

The two person Cyber Scooters are powered by Cerilion Boosters and equipped with twin Blasteroid Lasers. As you ride, shoot the lasers at the asteroids and meteors before they enter Earth’s atmosphere. Your mission is to hit as many of the incoming asteroids and meteors as possible before you return to Earth Base Zero.

Good luck Blast Force – Planet Earth needs you!


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