Could YOU be a Milky Way Megafan?

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Posted on 14th March, 2019

We’re inviting a few lucky people to become Official Milky Way Megafans - and of course, there are great perks for the chosen few!

We’re excited to announce that we've begun the search for our first official Milky Way Megafans - could one of them be you? 

It's brilliant to see our visitors sharing photos and videos of their time here at The Milky Way on social media - it helps everyone see what great fun there is to be had here. And we've noticed that some people really stand out on social media; they visit us quite often, and post really great images of their fun on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

We'd love to encourage even more of this by officially naming a small number of people as Milky Way Megafans ... and if that appeals to you, read on to find out how to 'apply'!


For now, we're only inviting Annual Pass holders to become Milky Way Megafans, though we may open it to others in the future. Other than that - you can be any age, you just need to be happy to share your images taken at The Milky Way on social media when you visit!


This is entirely fun and voluntary, so there's no obligation! But we would like Megafans to love The Milky Way, to be active on at least one social media platform, and to have an eye for taking nice photos and videos. They don't have to be professional quality - we take lots of our own here at The Milky Way using our ordinary phones, and also share lots of images taken by our visitors. Just take a browse through our social media feeds to see the sort of thing we like to share - that's what we'd hope for from our Megafans! We'd also hope that a good Megafan would visit The Milky Way regularly (at least every month or two), and then post on social media when they do, tagging us and using a couple of hashtags.


You'll know by now that we'll be unveiling a (as yet secret) new attraction this spring, right? Our Milky Way Megafans will get to be on the FIRST EVER official rides, before the park is open to the general public on launch day. 

If you prove to be a good Milky Way Megafan (ie, visiting often and posting images when you do) you'll get a full free 6 months added to your Annual Pass - and that includes a Family Pass, if that's what you have.

You’ll ALSO be included in the Milky Way Megafans Hall of Fame on our website, where we'll include a photo of you and links to your social media profiles

Plus we will sometimes share your posts to our 53,000+ social media followers.


To be considered just message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to tell us you’re interested. We’re looking for people who love The Milky Way and will be happy to talk about us on social media. We'll get in touch if we think you might be Megafan material to chat a bit more, then will announce the official Megafan lineup on social media in a few weeks!

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