Little Stars

Little Stars offers play for babies, toddlers and young children up to the age of six and is open when The Milky Way is open - so when you book tickets to the whole park, a visit to Little Stars is included!

You can now book to just visit Little Stars during term times - please click the book tickets link and select "Little Stars only" session which will display the days and dates availiable.

We even offer a choice of baby, toddler and preschooler classes, giving you the perfect opportunity to spend some special one-on-one time with your child - and help their development in the process! If you're attending any of these classes you get entry to Little Stars for the whole of that day too. More about classes

There is a strict no picnics rule within Little Stars. 

Soft and adventure play!

At Little Stars, play for babies and toddlers is at the heart of what we do. Along the front of the main play structure, with lots of lovely natural light you’ll find a good size soft play area designed just for under 3’s featuring gentle climbs and soft shapes as well as their own slide. Spend some special one to one time in our sensory play room. Exclusively for under 3’s accompanied by an adult, it features mesmerising light displays guaranteed to captivate little ones - one family bubble at a time is permitted in the sensory room.

Please bring socks for the play frames.

There's a mini pizzeria where they can play at being a café owner…’making’ pizzas and serving them to you. Plus, kids who love toys with wheels will be in heaven in our fantastic ‘WOW’ toys play zone, which features vehicles from camper vans to cement mixers, perfect for toddlers from 1 1/2 years old.

Our main play frame offers outer-space themed fun. There’s a two lane astra slide, cool crawl tube, aerial glide and spinning dizzy disc to name a few. Unusual features include a clear deck, where you can see the people playing on the level below you.Also on offer is a mini track and cars with a car wash to drive around and around - one family bubble at a time is permitted in mini track area.

We’ve done our very best to make sure that the Little Stars experience is also enjoyable for parents. So, you can look forward to relaxing knowing that the entrance is gated and  enjoy a great coffee with a view of our lake. We’ve even tried to make the main play frame more comfortable for you when playing with your little one – minimising the need to navigate awkward spaces like crawl tubes…unless you want to!


We spray the entire building with a long lasting, antimicrobial cleaning product using an electrostatic sprayer (which means we can reach all the tricky spots!). This forms a layer on surfaces which cannot be wiped off after drying and lasts for up to 4 weeks. The antimicrobial agent makes it difficult for any bacteria and viruses to survive if they make contact with the surface. This product conforms to all the necessary government standards and requirements and is safe to touch.

In addition, all high contact areas are cleaned regularly with an appropriate and safe cleaning product.


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