***NEW*** Ninja Stars

Our NEW Ninja Arena with Tag Active scoring is designed to be fun for the whole family to enjoy together. Face a series of events and obstacles to reach the top of the leader-board.....offering a challenge for everyone from 6 years. Just make sure you tag your wristband on the illuminated beacons to score points as you go!

How far will you make it up the wall?!

Additional charge for wristband

If you want to take part we charge £2.95 per wristband (which can be kept and reused on future visits, plus they make great souvenirs!) and your first game is included. Add them to your basket when booking or wait and buy them when you're at the park - it's up to you. Further goes can be purchased at the park for £1 depending on availability on the day.


We spray the entire building with a long lasting, antimicrobial cleaning product using an electrostatic sprayer (which means we can reach all the tricky spots!). This forms a layer on surfaces which cannot be wiped off after drying and lasts for up to 4 weeks. The antimicrobial agent makes it difficult for any bacteria and viruses to survive if they make contact with the surface. This product conforms to all the necessary government standards and requirements and is safe to touch.

In addition, the play areas is closed so that all high contact areas are cleaned at regualr intervals with an appropriate and safe cleaning product. Awkwards areas are sprayed using the electrostatic sprayer to ensure maximum coverage of hard to reach surfaces.


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